Certified Courses

All courses include winter wilderness training, such as how to start a fire, emergency skills, basic survival training, overnighting in open country (if requested), in a teepee or trapper’s cabin as well as skidoo driving school snowshoe training on the lake and endless game trails of the trapline.

Additional complimentary activities are listed under our “Activities” page.

As an authority on timber wolves, I am able to “call” and actually “talk” to wolf packs as they travel through the valley. Such a “conversation” is one of the most interesting encounters with timber wolves in British Columbia and will be possible during the winter months in each and every course.

Living in Nature with Nature

  • Introduction to nature’s laws
  • Use of natural resources without destroying fauna and flora
  • Living and survival in the high Coast Mountain wilderness at temperatures as low as -45 degrees Celsius (-50 degrees Fahrenheit)

Wildlife Biology

  • Species-specific habitat analysis of 16 native furbearing species inherent to the 140,000 hectare trapline 0504T002
  • ErnährungsbestimDiet analysis of herbivores, carnivores and omnivores by means of their droppings
  • Research of the population density and roaming areas of the dog, cat, marten, rodent and bear families

Film and Photo Excursions

  • At certain times in the winter months there are opportunities for rare shots of all species, including timber wolf, wolverine and lynx. Hoofed game, such as moose, deer, mountain goat, and bighorn sheep, as well as cougar and two herds of wild horses also present wonderful motives.

Trapper Seminar / Wilderness Survival

  • Survival training
  • Trapline management
  • Trapline ethics
  • Provincial and local laws
  • Humane trapping techniques
  • Introduction to the manufacture of species-specific attractor-scents
  • How to capture species by sex-specific selection
  • Skinning and use of pelt, meat, glands, bones, and the remaining carcass
A herd of approximately 1000 wild horses in the Chilcotin

Furbearers of Trapline 0504T002

  • Dog family: Timber wolf, Coyote, Red, Silver, and Cross fox
  • Cat family: Lynx, Bobcat
  • Marten family: Wolverine, Fisher, Otter, Mink, Canadian sable, Ermine, Least weasel
  • Rodent family: Beaver, Muskrat, Rocky Mountain squirrel
  • Bear family: Black bear
  • Big game: Moose, Deer, Bighorn sheep, Mountain goat, Grizzly bear
  • Eagles: Golden eagle, Bald eagle, Osprey
  • Owls: Barred owl, Boreal owl, Flammulated owl, Great horned owl, Great grey owl, Long-eared owl, Short-eared owl, Northern hawk owl, Northern pygmy owl, Northern saw-whet owl, Snowy owl, Western screech owl
  • Hawks: Northern Goshawk, Red-tailed hawk, Rough-legged hawk, Sharp shinned hawk, Swainson’s hawk, Northern harrier, American kestrel, Merlin, Gyrfalcon, Peregrine falcon
  • Grouse: Sharp Tail-, Spruce, and Willow grouse, Ptarmigan