Special Offers

Special Education for Longterm Students

Certified Course

Being a Government-registered school, we offer students as of 14 years or older (and also adults!) a stay for a period of 2-6 months to get a thorough experience “in nature with nature”. wilderness school gives young people a solid foundation and natural elements for their whole life that can protect even against harm from civilisation. Before booking a long-term stay, a meeting with the student and his/her parents at a suitable location is essential. Upon request we are pleased to provide references from former students and their parents.

Prices for a Course of min.1 months
=  CA$
210.00per day
 2 months= CA$
130.00per day

4 months
= CA$
110.00per day

Above prices include all costs for room and board, special gear, fuel/gas for  snowmobile, ATV, and bush truck as well as one monthly trip to town.