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Wilderness Education for Long-term Students

Course with Certificate

Being a Government-registered school, we offer students as of 14 years and also adults a stay for a double or triple seminar to get a thorough experience “in nature with nature”. Our wilderness school gives young people a solid foundation and natural elements for their whole life that can protect even against harm from civilisation.

Our course covers traditional skills necessary for survival in the Coast Mountains of B.C. and useful for your whole life. Together, we will cover the following:

  1. Introduction to the natural beauty and violent nature of the great outdoors in nearly untouched wilderness
  2. Usage of natural resources without destruction of the environment
  3. Living in and surviving the harsh winter conditions at high elevation
  4. How to survive in temperatures as low as -45 degrees Celsius (-50 degrees Fahrenheit)
  5. How to harvest meat trough hunting, fishing, and trapping without lasting impact on flora and fauna
  6. How to prepare and store garden vegetables, wild fruits, herbs, mushrooms, meat and fish using traditional methods such as salting, marinating, smoking, canning, pickling, drying and burying
  7. Gardening techniques to grow organic, non-GMO vegetables including white asparagus, legumes, wild potatoes, herbs, tea, various berries and even grapes
  8. How to make wine using garden and wild fruit, roots, and berries
  9. Learning the humane techniques of trapping and fishing as well as the correct usage, maintenance, and repair of: axe, chainsaw, motorboat, canoe, mountain bike, big wheel motorbike, ATV, 4×4 truck, snowshoes, cross country skis, snowmobile, hunting rifles and survival kit
  10. Learning healthy, traditional kitchen techniques for cooking and baking on a woodstove/oven and using a smoke house to cure meat and fish
  11. Education of local mushrooms and wildflowers
  12. Learning how to process harvested animals as well as use of the meat, fat, guts, glands, skulls, claws, bones, and furs
  13. Preserving and tanning techniques for furs and hides
  14. Hunting, fishing, and trapping techniques that were learned and self-created in about 80 years
  15. Learning recipes and preparation of species-specific lures used for trapping
  16. Learning to understand and prepare for mountain weather conditions
  17. How to navigate in the wilderness using natural signs, astrology, and compass
  18. Basic knowledge in First Aid
  19. Woodwork – learning about the techniques used to build the NTS lodge, school, cabins, sauna, barn, and teepees
  20. Introduction to off-the-grid systems used in the main camp for heating, cooling, water, ice-storage, and stone-heater in the greenhouse – all without power!
  21. Experience self-discovery! Spend a week by yourself in a cozy, rustic cabin situated 25 km from the main camp.
  22. Learning proper ethics when hunting and trapping as well as respect for flora and fauna to ensure preservation of the environment for future generations!
  23. Seminar with Certificate

Experience a normal, healthy life “in nature with nature”! Our courses offer the opportunity to young and old with stress-related illness to unplug from the noise of modern society. A longer stay for a double or triple seminar is not just a vacation, but a total integration into life in the wilderness and everything that goes with it!

We shall be more than happy to provide references from our previous guests.

Booking a double or triple seminar gets you a 20 % discount!

Double seminar:2 x 5,500= 11,000 – 20% (2,200)=  US$ 8,800
Triple seminar:3 x 5,500= 16,500 – 20% (3,300)= US$ 13,200
Plus applicable tax (2,5 %)

The days between seminars are free!

Returning clients get an additional 10 % discount!

e.g. Triple seminar: 16,500 – 10 % = 14,850 – 20 % (2,970) = US$ 11,880

Prices include all costs for room and board, equipment, special gear and fuel as well as transfer from/to Williams Lake.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our world!