Wise trapline management is essential for a rich harvest

Our standard courses aside, we offer a multitude of activities, ranging from relaxing to exhilarating.

  • Fish from the dock of the camp-peninsula or fly fish by canoe in our fish-abundant mountain lakes. After freeze-up enjoy ice fishing next to a warm open fire directly in front of the lodge or on the lake of your choice.
  • Build a campfire and roast yourself a snack, e.g. the catch of the day.
  • Learn how to preserve your catch by smoking fish and meat.
  • Partake in nature’s spectacle of Pacific Sockeye and Chinook salmon, which begin and end their life-cycle in the lakes and streams of my area.
  • Take your camera and “shoot” our abundance of wildlife, including many different owls, 3 kinds of eagles and many Canadian Big Game animals(see ‘Certified Courses”).
  • Swim in the crystal clear waters of Tuzcha Lake, 1,550 m (4,950 ft) a.s.l.
  • Enjoy the Indian Summer and hike into remote wilderness.
  • Climb the mountains surrounding Tuzcha Lake or Mt. Tatlow (over 3,000m) = Mt. Ts’il?os, holy to the Xeni Gwet’in First Nation People in Nemiah Valley
  • Take a snowmobile lesson on the lake, then go on the trails.
  • 250 km of trapping trail await you – prepared in winter for snowshoe, ski, and snowmobile; in spring and fall for 4×4 truck, ATV and mountain bike.
  • Lounge on the balcony and soak in sun’s rays.
  • Enjoy our beautifully handcrafted sauna and jump into the lake, in winter time through a hole in the ice.
  • Spend the evening in front of our open fireplace, enjoy the spirit of the country, and relax!
Successful icefishing on Tuzcha Lake

Should there be any further activities that you would like to see incorporated into your stay, please let us know upon your registration and we shall do our best to accommodate your request.